Artists in the Community Program

A main branch of activity of the Arts, Community and Environment Center includes practicing artists who come to the Jordan Valley to advance the center’s vision, while also working on their own personal projects.  The artists lead different projects in cooperation with local communities, and partake in an artistic process that includes the whole community and thusly promotes social change. Two of these artists are Alon Rotem, a screenplay writer; and Maya Arbel – a performance and plastic artist.

Interactive Sculpting

Maya Arbel led creative workshops In cooperation with Life Skills College, an education center for young people with special needs, with the intention of helping them develop special and personal skills through sculpting and movement. Thanks to this project Inspiration and Life Skills now have a shared understanding of how important the need for integration in society is for those with special needs.

Creative Writing Workshops

Alon Rotem directed a weekly writing workshop with the residents of the local Kibbutzes in the Jordan Valley.  The aim was to explore and strengthen personal and communal identities.  This was accomplished by the participants exploration of the question “what is the Kibbutz’s role in the individual’s life today and the past.”  A number of the stories where published and distributed to the local communities.