About the Center for Art and Community

In September 2014 The Israeli Center for Art, Community and Environment launched at Bikat Kinrot in the Jordan Valley. The center leads activities and projects of community, environmental and activist art, in northern Israel. Aiming to lead social change through art, empower communities and create an egalitarian discourse, and with the belief in the power of community and environment art center, become an agent in promoting art, universal values ​​and improving the quality of life for the entire community. The center will operate in three main branches; Public local and regional art center; Israeli Networking Center for community and environment art; knowledge center promoting training programs, professional and mutual learning in the arts community.

Artistic enterprises in disadvantaged communities will be the main emphasis of the center, thus applying the core Humanitarian value of Inspiration and promoting the power of art and creativity to make a difference for every child and adult in the short and long term. Local talents will integrate in developing projects in the fields of art and education, welfare and community.

Young activist artists lead the projects, together with local communities, in creating artistic processes of social change while including all of the community regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or nationality. These young artists reside at Bikat Kinrot and use it as a base for their regional activities.



Establishing the first regional center for art, community and environment of its kind in Israel, locating artists on the spearhead of social change and training them to become Inspirational leaders.

Developing and applying models of communal, environmental and active art projects in order to promote a universal cultural approach that believes in the ability of art to create a humanitarian society that advocates peace

Establishing an information and networking center, to promote social-communal art and development, encourage social, employment and economic infrastructure, and assist weak communities in disadvantaged areas around the world.

Creating an Inspiration discourse in the Galilee, through public cooperation and communication between individuals and communities.

Building an infrastructure of teachers, partners and friends as the basis for The International Academy for Arts and Leadership.


Partners of the Program

Bikaat Kinarot NGO, Kibbutz Beit Zera, Kibutz Shaar Hagolan, Anat (Arts as a giving tool) and the Scouts Youth Movements.

Inspiration is accompanied by a volunteering public board, which includes key people in the fields of education, art, business, community and environment.