David, Muse-Int student

I am a God fearing, self-driven person and a hardworking man.

In my free time I like singing and dancing, being with people and friends from far and near. I guess you can say I am a people’s person and I sincerely enjoy spending time with others. I am at ease whenever there are people around me.


I came from South Sudan a few years ago and became a member of the Become True project. Become True is an initiative that targets children and adolescents who were, together with their parents, deported from Israel to South Sudan its independence. In South Sudan they were “left detached from their friends, having no schools to go to” (become-world website).

 “I do not want for my family to suffer the way my parents suffered”

My aim is to study and become a better person in the future. I do not want for my family to suffer the way my parents suffered. Instead, I want to help those in need, the way we are being helped right now. In February 2017 I began studying Fashion Design in the interdisciplinary program of Muse-International. Here I am being given the opportunity to give back through community outreach projects and volunteering.
My dream is to become a fashion designer. I like designing and already imagine people wearing the most beautiful clothes I’ll create. Already I enjoy admiring fashion in the markets. My dream is that one day I’ll be famous for my art, being able to show people the fusion of African design and patterns with new styles from various parts of the world.

Alternatively I want to become a news anchor. I love it with all of my heart. Truly digging into a topic by doing in-depth reading about issues that interest me and what I like to know more of;

but also and especially those things that need to be read because they are important, critical, disturbing or fascinating. The word that needs to be spread. The information that needs to be passed on.