Hackathon – Art, People, and the Valley at Gabriel House

A first-of-its-kind social initiative in the Jordan Valley, where social, community, educational projects met in order to help advance each other’s ideas by creating connections between organizations, local activists and individuals.

After advertising the event in the local media and via alternative media, 14 entrepreneurs came together for a 12 hour marathon event. Held in the local council’s cultural center, ideas were presented, researched, worked on, analyzed, and set in motion.

A few of the ideas that were developed in the Hackathon:

  • Parents for Diverse Education in the Jordan.
  • A Jordan River Rehabilitation Festival – A Public event aimed to gain the local community’s cooperation in the preservation and rehabilitation of the Jordan River.
  • Knitting Grandmother – Developing local projects via knitting tools.

Inside View, Tiberius – Tours based on dialogue, in cooperation with the department of tourism and culture in Tiberius. The project hopes to tell the rich history and stories of the homes of Tiberius.