Kemigisha Ann Mary

My name is Kemigisha Ann Mary. I’m 17 years, and in my first year at the Muse program. My mother died during the labor process of my birth. She lived with her sister who didn’t know who my father was. Since my childhood I have never seen my father and I cannot even trace him; when I was seven years old, I was taken to a convent by a nun in my village and it’s where I still live to this day. This nun was able to pay my school fees and provide for me some of my basic needs, until I reached Primary 7 and she could no longer afford to pay my school fees, and so I left school. I was very patient, disciplined, and obedient, hoping that one day I would go back to school.  I was at home for two years when an opportunity to go back to school presented itself.

How I joined Muse Uganda

Two years after completing my primary seven, some nuns from our convent applied in an institution to go for further studies in art and design and informed my guardian that it was a free education opportunity. My guardian was very happy about this news and I was brought to the Muse program to continue with my education in 2010.

My Experience with “Muse Uganda”

When I joined the project, I found a new environment; I took long to make a friend yet I did not have most of my basic needs and school requirements. After two days, the social worker, the warden and teachers talked to us installed in us the heart of sharing and being cooperative, after that I made friends and I coped with some requirements I was missing as I also shared what I had with other students. In terms of academics, I met very loving, encouraging and hard working teachers who introduced us to many subjects which even some of them surprised me as I have never heard about them. Since the introduction to Art and Design subjects, my level of thinking, reasoning and understanding have positively changed. At school I do the following subjects: English, Drawing, Graphic designing, fashion designing, computer, mathematics, life skills, print making, painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance and drama. With the knowledge I get from the above subject I believe I will be able to live a bright future. After my education I want to be a fashion designer, I still need more knowledge and skills to help me achieve my goals, since at school the materials we have are not enough yet. Most girls want to do fashion designing, because it fits in all the environments in our country.

I thank the Muzot project founders, and Brit-olam volunteers for the developments they have created in our lives and I humbly ask the project to help us continue with advanced certificate in Art and Design, so that we can compete favorably on the Art and Design market.