Nalugwa Stellar

My name is Nalugwa Stellar. I’m 19 years old and in my second year at the Muse program. I come from a family of 4 children and I lost my mother and father in when I was 7 years old. After my parents died from AIDS and we were taken up by different relatives who were supposed to take care of us. Unfortunately the relatives we lived with were very poor and my aunt couldn’t give me school fees and some of my basic needs. After completing Primary 7, I worked in the market selling bananas; I used this money to pay school fees in addition to what my Aunt was giving me. After Senior 2 [10th grade], I could not continue any more with my education due to poverty at home.

How I joined Muse Uganda

I got the information about the Muse program from my aunt’s friend who told me there was a school located along Entebbe road that gives free art and design skills to orphans. When heard this, I was very surprised and  almost did not believe it until I visited the school and and found out for myself.

My Experience with Muse Uganda

From the time I spent learning in the Muse program, I have learned how to cooperate with other people in community and how to live an independent life. I have also recieved more knowledge and skills specifically in; English, mathematics, textile designing, graphics and sculpture, bead designing, life skills, drawing, painting, music, dance and drama. In my second year I specialized in fashion designing which I felt to be the subject for my future because I want to be a fashion designer. I thank the project for bringing volunteers who have introduced different things that have improved our lives, like photography which I feel will also help me. However I still need more knowledge in fashion designing and photography. I thank the Muse program for the opportunity it gave me to continue with my education. If possible, I kindly ask the project to help me proceed to another level with my education to help me compete favorably with other professionals.