Nanziri Jemimah


My name is Nanziri Jemima; I’m 16 years old, I’m in first year at NIAAD under the Muzot project. I’m the 1st born in a family of 3 children. I stopped with my education in primary seven due to financial problems at home. I lost my mother when I was 9 years old and my Father died later on when I was 10 years old. Both of my parent died from AIDS. After their death, I started living with a distant Aunt who was responsible for providing my basic needs and education. When I had reached primary five, my situation at home worsened. My Aunt complained about my frequently, claiming to be having a difficult time providing my basic needs and school fees. I lived a life of misery until I reached primary seven. I expected to continue to secondary level education but due to her own children joining higher institutions of learning, this clearly proved to not be an option for me. I spent my time instead doing housework, hoping an opportunity would come my way. The situation at home affected my performance in all aspects of life, making me feel inferior and unimportant.


One day as I was at home doing house work, the brother to the husband of my Aunt visited our home and gave my Aunt information about a school that gives free Art and Design skills to orphans. I was very happy about this information, and in two days I visited the school to get detailed information. When I reached this school I did the interviews and passed, then in August I reported for my junior certificate in Art and Design after spending two years out of school.


The condition at school is very good and I’m very happy about the project, because my life has greatly changed due to the knowledge and skills I have received from the project. At home, the perception and attitude my relatives have towards me is changing, due to the help from the social worker and my teachers who saw the hard life I was going through. They spoke with my guardian about my strength and how I need their help to create a good future. I appreciate the opportunity to improve my English and mathematics skills and the new skills I have acquired in drawing, painting, sculpture, music, dance and drama, fashion designing ,graphic designing and photography. I thank Brit olam volunteers for introducing photography to us at school and I believe if I get a further opportunity to learn photography I can provide for myself with it. jemimah-artIn the future I wish to be a Musician and I believe that with the skills I get from school I will be a good musician, though there is still need for advanced education for a better future. I request the project to help me continue with Art and Design to an advanced level.