Art Leads Change

Art Leads Change is an international cultural initiative that brings together socially engaged artists from Europe, Israel (both Jewish and Arab), the Palestinian Authority and Africa for an artists in residency program for the advancement of social and cultural leadership.

The initiative promotes cross-cultural dialog and exchange through joint creative ventures between artists, challenging artistic discourse and pushing artistic boundaries. Together the artists explore the possibilities art offers to resolve conflicts (religious, tribal, national).

The residency targets artists from countries dealing with migration and refugee absorption, underprivileged nations and communities and countries in conflict.

Overall Objective:

To leverage art as a cross-cultural, bridge-building and dialog promoting tool among Israeli (both Jewish and Arab), Palestinian, Ugandan and European artists and socially engaged individuals and organizations through a wide range of theoretical and practical peace-art activities

Specific Objectives

  1. To promote cross-cultural dialog through a wide range of peace-art activities, including workshops, seminars and field-work
  2. To create a transnational artists’ community that empowers transformational leaders and cooperates in the development of community art projects promoting coexistence and understanding and enhances civil society participation in a non-violent and constructive way
  3. To create a physical and virtual platform where information, methodologies, projects and associated documentationare shared and where networking occurs
  4. To promote activities focused on conflict prevention and resolution strategies for building peace, looking at ways in which the arts can help to create trust, encourage empathy, raise awareness and inspire artistic visions for peace
  5. To annually implement 3 national projects and one international project with a focus on peace-building and co-existence
  6. To develop and maintain a strong alumni network that inspires others to become engaged



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