Creative Connections

Creative Connections addresses the issues of racism, violent discourse and lack of dialogue between the different sectors of society in Israel, by using the language and experience of art. A creative-artistic learning process as a platform for encounter between youth from different sectors is what stands at the base of the program. The heterogenic groups will work on an artistic product (exhibition, concert, theater play, book, etc.) which will be shared with both communities.
The “Creative Connections” Program has been proven to reduce prejudice and stereotypes by interacting youth from different sectors and communities in the Israeli society using art workshops.
An example for some of the workshops and communities:
Theatre class for secular & religious women in Jerusalem
Music workshop for all ethnic and religious groups in Ramla
Film workshop for Kibutz and city youth from Tiberias & Jordan valley Kibutz’
Graffiti workshop for Jews and Bedouins in Be’er-Sheva