“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” IMG_1504
– Edgar Degas

Inspiration promotes worldwide activity in society, culture, education and art. Traditional notions of academic elitism are discarded in favor of cross-cultural and discipline pollination. Artistic diversity is the lifeblood and future of improved geo-political, mutual understanding.

The founders of Inspiration believe that art can be a valuable and cathartic
message that each artist communicates with the world, which resonates deeply when it is at its truest and most beautiful. This inspiration, when funneled through the prism of social change/awareness, transforms art into a very powerful tool to initiate progress around the world.

Inspiration uses the most cutting edge technology to help facilitate and communicate its artistic and educational vision. This technology is used in concert with the oldest and most efficient of artistic technologies – a passionate search for an aesthetic truth through space, reflection and collaboration