Viola, Fashion Design Student

The dreams I stopped dreaming

Well, what can I say. Today I would describe me as a girl who cannot reach the dreams I have and I wish to have. My life story so far has been hard and difficult. When I was still a little girl I used to dream that one day I will become a doctor. I imagined how I would treat people and make them healthy again. I saw myself living with my family, but life had other plans for me.


Many things changed for me and because of the conflict in my home country South Sudan (back then it had not declared its independence from Sudan) me and my family were forced to leave. We kept moving from one country to another country because of the war. 

 Come True Project

After a long period in transition we arrived in Israel when I was 11 years old. I thought that I will be able to stay and make my dream come true there. But after six years I was told that all South Sudanese people should go back to their country. I felt bad and I just lost hope after having had to leave again. However, I only stayed in South Sudan for a short period of time. I was invited to study in Uganda thanks to and with the support of the Come True project. This project was established by Israelis who wanted to ensure that the South Sudanese children deported from Israel would continue to be able to go to school. With the help of this program I was able to finish school.

 Professional studies at Muse

Now I am in the Muse-International program and I want to study very hard to be a better person. I want a better life without any future suffering.


By the way, my name is Viola Philip. I am from South Sudan and God is my beginning and my end. With God everything is possible. Generally speaking I’m a happy and life-loving person. I like to make friends and help people who are in need of help. I like dancing most and swimming.